7 thoughts on “A thousand words

  1. Courage Sarah, Paul and Pinkerton.
    Moving is always an exhausting duty whatsoever if we like the ‘exercise’ or not. It drains out Energy.
    We were told by our head nurse this Monday that we (me and my 3 colleagues) are moving to a new office on the same floor inside the same building (it’s less than 10 blocks away, though. +- 100 feet.). The home services are located on the third floor. We’re gonna miss the nice view on MontrĂ©al downtown (in the evening it is so beautiful to see the scenery with the city lights). It sucks but Resilience seems to be the key word to cope with it. I know, Boris (Dr Cyrulnik). I know.
    I just hope that you’ll find some peace of mind after the puzzle bogging aftermath of placing your stuff.
    n.b.: nice N95 mask. General Baycon would approve.

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