One more thing

Many people ask me how I get booked for gigs. Until yesterday I would have said that I am managed by Columbia Artists, one of the oldest and most prestigious classical music agencies in the US. Well, no longer, CAMI is shutting down.

It’s pretty devastating, and a huge blow to all the artists who were represented by the company. And it has sent a wave of anxiety throughout the industry – if one of the biggest can fail, can everyone else be far behind?

I’m devastated. I had an incredible team working with me.

So, yet another thing to deal with in the midst of a pandemic. Hope you are having a better week.

3 thoughts on “One more thing

  1. Wayne Zelenak says:

    Sarah, I am so sorry for the horrific news about CAMI. I was first alerted by John Beal who is also in shock, but still has a great sense of humor with his FB posts. The events of the world are causing anxiety and a shroud of fear in all of us. Words alone cannot express my deepest sympathy for all the artists represented by CAMI worldwide, as once again the music falls silent but in deafening despair!


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