…and a dollar short

A day late, I know. We collapsed in bed last night before I had time to post.

We decided to move 3 weeks ago, a decision made when we realized how much my Covid-induced unemployment had affected not just our bottom line, but also the butterfly effect on our ability to retire at some point. We found our beautiful little apartment 5 years ago, at the height of rental madness in SF, and we just can’t afford it any more.

So for the next few days, I’ll be living amongst boxes.

I’m leaving next week for my first concerts in 6 months, which is thrilling – I’ll write about that later this week. But I have no idea when gigs might become more regular, and the uncertainty continues to challenge me. Moving is a huge upheaval in itself, the unsettling reality of assessing your possessions, what they mean, what you need.

But for now I’m keeping anxiety at bay focusing on the things I have some control over (getting boxes organized, feeding the dog, finding time for a quick run). I’ll update you post-move, which takes place on Thursday. Wish me luck!

6 thoughts on “…and a dollar short

  1. It took me a long time to concentrate on & be grateful for the many good things in my life… sometimes anxiety creeps up on me and I start to get worried about stuff that…. If you really look at it is not all that important… I found that all the self help books, life coaches and finding strength in religion (hallabloodylujah) is crap!.. I’ve come to the conclusion that we’re only here for a blip of time so enjoy it whilst you can and if you manage to do a bit of good for others along the way then that’s a bonus… you’ve got a talent that brings joy to others… a great thing! so don’t let the virus and it’s ripple effects grind you down…
    On a different note I was in SF last August…. what an expensive city! even the car hire was twice the cost of LA or Vegas.. jeez!.. anyway back to you.. chill baby!… and if ever you find yourself on Hayling Island.. (Google it) I’ll treat you to fish & chips on the beach… one of life’s simple pleasures!.. have a good one..


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