We’re all adjusting to our new normal. I had a long talk with my agent this morning about what the near future might look like for me and other performers, and it’s gong to involve a lot of uncertainty, discomfort, false starts, and years until our industry recovers.

In the meantime, we’ve all gotta make it work for the present, and one organization facing this challenge is the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. I have a friend who has presented there in the past, and it’s a festival I’ve always wanted to attend.

Of course, none of us can do so now, and the LAAPFF has gone virtual, so in a way my wish is coming true, although not in the way I thought it would. I’m looking forward to checking out this documentary about the Merrie Monarch hula festival in my native Hawaii, available this weekend.

In the best of times it’s impossible to have everything we want, even more so now. But there are alternatives, and I’m making it a mission to explore them, both for myself and in the world around me.

What alternatives are you encountering in our quarantined world, and are they helping you take a different view than you have before?

My task today: Finishing some live takes for a conducting video I’m putting together. I’m trying to keep engaged and creative, and this is one of my outlets (done! And I’ll let you know when I release it.)

7 thoughts on “Alternatives

  1. Graeme T says:

    20+ and then some years since uni/formal quals completed…………. BUT. with the down time, revisiting the learning world. So many great deals (I’m Sydney, Aust) around on-line learning opps/courses so I’m going to do something totally outside my area of expertise. Never stop learning as my Dad always said.
    Stay well SH and all.


    1. chefdorch says:

      Wise words from your Dad. I’ve been doing some courses on Coursera, and definitely good for the brain to focus on learning something totally new!


  2. ‘What alternatives are you encountering in our quarantined world, and are they helping you take a different view than you have before?’
    Some of my colleagues are doing ‘tele working’ with Zoom but for me I still do my job at home and use my laptop to do my notes in my cars or wherever. The only difference is that I have to wear a mask and a suit for my covid-19+.
    That crisis brings me back to the concept of Resilience from Boris Cyrulnik. A little thing we can’t see with our bare eyes brought the world on his knees. We’ll have to live with that virus and adapt ourselves whatsoever in which field we’re working. We’ll also have to learn from that tragedy. Our view on the world will have to change to respect more the environment. Economy is important but it’s like that virus reminded us that not at any price.
    Maestra Sarah, have you ever thought of making more videos with the DN Symphony (or SF Symphony, Minnesota Symphony,…) about more Ennio Morricone’s music scores (The Mission, A fistful of dynamite, …) ? It could be recorded without audience. Could it be recorded at distance (I mean you directing on Zoom the orchestra)? You could charge a fee (monthly fee,…) for us the audience to watch it on a platform. It might be some silly suggestions but I just try to help out (and try to be creative with the resilience concept) our beloved Maestra. I’m not in your industry but it might bring a different pov or ideas you could develop (or be a starting point for some other ideas). You could also be a radio host for a music show on your national radio or any radio. Here we have a lady called Catherine Perrin. She is a professional ‘clavecinist’ but she is also hosting a radio show on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation or Radio-Canada for the French audience in Canada). You could record it from SF and be with your loved ones. Pinkerton could even become the ‘mascotte’. I’m working this w-e but I’ll continue to write down on paper other ideas who could come to my mind.
    WE will make it through Sarah, you’ll see. xo


    1. chefdorch says:

      Thanks for sharing all of these ideas! One of the huge challenges we’re encountering is that not only does the audience need to be socially distanced, but orchestras themselves need to be separated by 6 feet as well, which presents tremendous logistical issues…

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      1. I see Maestra. The sound engineer will have to find solutions to these challenges in regard of the 2 meters (6 feet) distanciation. That distance will be obviously be reflected in the ticket$’ price. The music industry and all the different industries will have to be resilient & adapt. NO choice. Let see it as the Best opportunity to do even better but differently. These increases in the price of the tickets for the shows will be higher but a plus value could be added (augmented reality at certain time of the show throughout google for instance. Holographic screen also on certain time) to compensate. Ideas, ideas, ideas. Let’s keep brainstorming (remue-méninges in French). That’s all Folks! For now.


  3. I forgot to write about the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. The virtual showcase is a good idea and is another proof that resilience is a key word to adapt ourselves. My niece Melanie who lived in San Diego is a fan of this FF and is francophile. We were supposed to go to her wedding this May (but couldn’t make it obviously). This FF also reminded me of that magnificent film ‘Good Luck Charm’ that I’ve seen some years ago. Vive le Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival!


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