Musical Mindfulness

Hi friends, and sorry for the spotty posting – real life has indeed become busier and made it a bit more challenging to keep up with virtual life!

That being said, as we all attempt to transition to more in-person activities under the shadow of the delta variant, we’re continuing to experience that same sense of stress and uncertainty that has plagued us (pun intended) for the last 18 months. I’ve been working on ways to support our collective mindfulness and mental health, and I’m delighted to announce the first episode in a YouTube series I’ve been meaning to create for months.

Musical Mindfulness uses music not as a backdrop to a mindfulness practice, but as the focus. As musicians we talk a lot about flow state – a sense of being hyper-present as music continuously unfurls. It’s wonderful when it happens, because of the sense of both grounding and freedom. Musical Mindfulness is an attempt to create a similar experience as we listen to music, by being aware of each moment as we encounter it, and each sound as we hear it.

Check it out below, and send me your comments as I continue to develop this idea!

7 thoughts on “Musical Mindfulness

  1. Bonjour La Maestra. I really enjoyed this post. You have the right voice to induce meditation with the music.
    I had another idea for you, Sarah. Let me explain. My employer has to spend 1 %/year in formation for the medical staff. It might be the same in the states even if our health systems are different (without judging if one is better than the other one). I’m not getting into that.
    About 3 years ago we had a formation about cardiac coherence (cohérence cardiaque). You probably have already heard about that topic. It was given by a psychologist. The goal was to decrease the stress among health workers.
    I was wondering if you could adapt your program for businesses, hospitals,… You might be surprised by the reaction of the people. You would have to build up your program and present it in SF (businesses, hospitals,…) or elsewhere. You already have the talent and it would be something neat in your career.
    I still think you would be able to also do a show with ‘Le Cirque du Soleil’ about movies music’s scores. You would be the cheffe d’orchestre. There would be movie scenes on a screen and the grandiose art of the circus. I can figure it out. You would need a good artistic director (metteur en scène). Dominic Champagne is one of them and was the artistic director behind the show about ‘The Beatles’. It was a smash hit.
    Take care and say hi to Paul & Pinkerton.


      1. Sylvain B. Cote says:

        Good. I’m pleased to hear that. It’s too bad that I couldn’t see it. Keep in mind my humble idea. I might have the privilege to see it one day.


  2. Wayne Zelenak says:

    Sarah, I love your first episode on Musical Mindedness. I have always had a fervent taste for music and the passion that resonates inside of me. Before I listen to a piece of classical music, I do research on the composer to learn his/her mindset in the conception of the piece. Your exercise on Musical Mindedness is amazing.

    I believe music is not just a melody but a medium that transcends one to the highest state of human emotion. It is felt in every musician, composer, and maestro, and It is so refreshing to share the beauty of music with one who truly understands.



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