Fashion is best when it’s not so much about adornment, but about self expression. The clothes we wear can be merely practical of course (although that in itself also tells us a great deal), but it’s definitely more fun to express a point of view, a personal aesthetic, a cultural or political stance, a commentary on the world, a reflection of what one holds dear.

These pandemic days, stuck at home, there’s little reason to dress up, and I confess I’ve spent a majority of my time in leggings and oversized sweaters (all in black – my husband calls me “comfort ninja”). I do, however, put a little bit of thought into my masks. Between my friend the talented seamstress, gifts from friends around the world and what I’ve picked up on my travels, I’ve amassed quite a collection. Here are a few of my favorites.

Repurposed Aloha shirt fabric onstage in Dallas
Grogu! Yes I’m a Mandalorian fan
Plain black for a birthday get together in the park. Yes, that’s special Japanese toilet paper. My brother has a quirky sense of humor
Golden Gate jaw! Love this one with an embroidered skyline of my home base.
KN95 for the plane. I’ve been double masking lately
Tropical vibes, and reversible. Satisfies the Hawaiian girl in me.
An RBG tribute – this one was made by a friend of MN Orchestra violins Deb Serafini.

13 thoughts on “Fashion

  1. Wayne Zelenak says:

    Sarah, I love your montage of facemasks, defining your relevance in fashion. While every photo tells a story without words, they all fall pale in comparison to your beauty found within. Your music appreciation, the esoteric knowledge of mental illness, and your compassion for others speak volumes. You were born to inspire, teach, and capture the wonder in our world, depicting the true strength in your character.

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  2. Collet says:

    Hello Mrs Hicks,

    Your masks are very pretty but that’s because you wear them wonderfully !
    I wish you the best for and all your loved ones.

    Friendships from Belgium


  3. Hello to our beloved La Maestra,

    At the beginning of the pandemic I said to some of my colleagues that an art business could be created with those masks. I was seeing in my head people wearing a mask with a painting of Van Gogh, Picasso,… Imagination is the limit, they say. My colleagues told me that I had too much imagination. Lol! Finally I was right and some made a small business out of it. Why not?
    All your masks are beautiful, Sarah. I agree with what you’ve mentioned in your post. The last mask make me think of a Persian art.
    One of my colleague GP wore a mask with the Hannibal Lecter’s mask as seen in Silence of the lambs. I told her she might scare the hell out of her patients. She laughed. Nowadays, we see people wearing all sort of masks. It became a fashion indeed.
    I even saw one patient last week who is 91 but a bit confused. I’m not saying this to be mean. She is a sweet elder but she is suffering of dementia. I had to wear to KN95. When she saw me she read the KN95 and she told me it was for dogs. I was wondering what the heck she was talking about. She was reading K9. Her vision is so, so. We both laughed out of it.
    nb: let me know if you need some snow. We’re having the rest of the snow from Pennsylvania, New York and Vermont. We’re supposed to have between 1 and 3 feet of snow. I gonna have fun with my little Toyota Yaris hatchback for my home visits. I nicknamed my car ‘Choupette’. She is my kind of ‘Chitty chitty bang bang’ with the actor Dick Van Dyke.


    1. chefdorch says:

      Does your colleague still have the Hannibal Lecter mask? I rather like the idea of it, if one has a sense of humor. Hope the snow isn’t too bad


      1. Yes she does. She wears it on/off. I don’t know where she got it. Most of my colleagues laugh when they saw her but some of her patients especially elders have gotten scared at first sight. Most of them have never seen the movie. I’ve also been told by a colleague that she saw a Dre wearing a mask with the Exorcist’s girl mouth. Imagine that. We received about 1 and a half foot of snow. We had to make our home visits with a colleague. My chauffeur one day was an occupational therapist and the day after it was a social worker. They were in overtime but the wanted to help out RN. I like snowstorm, though. One day (December 2000), I went to summit circle in Westmount in a park called Summit circle park. I had a beagle at that time. I still remember to this date the beauty of walking in the park with Maicky. This park is near mount Royal. You can check on Google map.


  4. Note: I forgot to mention it is ‘Groundhog Day’. Rumours say that the groundhog will wear a mask this year. The answer about springtime will appear on the mask. Let see if it is another fake news or the Truth. Que sera,sera.


  5. Tu reflexión, Sara, habla entre otras cosas de ropa y estética personal. Y en ese registro, yo digo que una blusa sin mangas con tonos verdes -en Sarah Hicks- es un hecho espiritual.


  6. I understand looking good is the best thing to do. I being a fashion photographer and sports photographer understand that. People can relate to that and be drawn to ask about the look. You wear them all well. l am going to post some of my favorite masks for you. Living in Pittsburgh, Pa we have some of my favorites on my masks. See you later.


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