Lonely Town


The title of a movement of one of my favorite pieces to conduct by one of my favorite composers


Sitting in a hotel room at night in an unfamiliar city


One thought on “Lonely Town

  1. Hi Sarah. I hope you’re doing well, you, Pink and Paul.
    I must admit that I was wondering where was Tulsa. Obviously I checked on Google maps. I realized it was in Oklahoma. I have a Fb friend called Baxter Family Pugs. They are located in Chetocah, OK. I found them by coincidence about 2-3 years ago. You’re not in Tulsa anymore while I’m writing this but simply to mention that with internet the world is becoming a large village. Everything seems interwoven like in a quantum entanglement. You can have a look, you and Paul on their pugs’ pictures. They are serious breeder and not a puppy mill. All dogs are beautiful when they are puppies. They are still beautiful after but as us humans their morphology change with time. Who cares, right? I had a patient who wanted to buy a white pug from them but it is complicated when you’re in Canada with the covid-19 thing and the customs.
    In our case, we were supposed to buy a chihuahua but we end up buying a pug almost 10 years ago. For me they were basically too ugly. I know it sounds crazy. My head nurse had one and she said they were beautiful in their ugliness. She was right. We would not change pug-Ô for any other dogs. One time we were in Lake Placid in the ADK. Some guys saw pug-Ô while we were in our car at the red light and called him ‘Frank’. I said to my son Myckael why the heck they where calling him ‘Frank’. My son told to us (me and my wife): ‘Geez. Are you retarded? MIB.’ Got it!
    Bonus: when pug-Ô was about 7 weeks I brought him where I work. I wanted to make a surprise to my head nurse. I succeeded. Yes! When she saw pug-Ô she was ‘moved’. Then about 15-20 of my co workers gathered around him. It was something. Something you never forget. Those memories are relevant for our Hearts. “L’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux. On ne voit bien qu’avec les yeux du coeur.(The essential is invisible for the eyes. We can only see properly why the heart’s eyes)” – Le petit prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.


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