Conductor in a Covid World

Hey friends, thanks for reaching out last week, over various platforms, both about Pinkerton and about my retreat into my mind. Pink is recovering with the same imperturbable equanimity as he did his emergency spinal surgery.

I’m fine too. I think creating a little quiet space inside yourself and protecting your psyche from the constant assault of the outside world is probably pretty healthy and adaptive. I don’t mean to worry anybody, although some people apparently do!

So, I’ve been working on a project since my gig in Dallas – I took a lot of videos! – that provides an insight into the process that orchestras are putting in place to be able to perform live music during the pandemic. Each organization follows their particular set of protocols (in alignment to local/state regulations), so it’s a highly varied process.

I’m calling it “Conductor in a Covid World”.

My first video went live today – part travelog, part reflection, part Covid testing handbook – I hope it provides a glimpse into the kinds of things we musicians are experiencing as we slowly move forward to some sort of “regular” performance schedule.

4 thoughts on “Conductor in a Covid World

  1. Wayne Zelenak says:

    Sarah, I loved the short video, watching your facial expressions, and listing to your thoughts, while narrating. I’m glad you had this experience. Caroline Campbell also has a gig planned for February in Budapest, Hungary, collaborating with Hauser. Good Luck to both of you.


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  2. Bonjour Maestra!
    I really enjoyed seeing that video. I was amazed to see how quickly you learn the tech behind the shooting with your iPhone. The editing was smooth and nice. The story board was well presented. You’re very smart and talented, Sarah. I still believe that you could do a documentary pilot like “Being a Maestra”. The covid-19 could be one of a 3 part series of 1 hour and even more.
    It is too bad that I don’t have a link to Denis Villeneuve or Jean-Marc Vallée. Denis is finishing Dune and he produced a movie from a very talented female director Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette. Denis or Jean-Marc could be interested in co-producing with Télé-Québec (or else) and you. You could then sell it to Netfilx or any major platforms. It could even be subtitled for foreign countries. You have an interesting and a golden topic, Sarah.
    You and your vision of being a Maestra.
    This would be a kind of niche documentary because It has probably never been done before.
    I hope Pinkerton is recovering well from that vicious attack.
    Best to you, Paul & Pink.

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  3. Hey, Sarah.
    I forgot to mention something that might help you out. Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette is a well-known feminist but I say this on a positive way. Sometimes when you say that someone is feminist it could be interpreted as a men hater. It is not her case. She is a nice woman. She is just for the equity women/men. She read & speak English. You could try to get in touch with her agent or directly. She might be on Fb. It is up to you. That project might even sparks some ideas from both of you. I’m quite sure it will resonate in Anaïs’s mind.
    I’m also gonna send you throughout your Gmail address my story with a certain Brando. It is only to make you laugh, you and Paul & others. It is even not to empress you. Nah! I’m not that type. I might even make a fool of myself with that novelesque (romanesque) story. Don’t worry! I won’t overwhelmed you with my stories.
    There is also a neuroscientist in Québec called Dre Sonia Lupien. She a post Doctorate and specialized on Anxiety & Stress. You can check upon her on Youtube. We have the same accent in English. She gave a nice lecture in 2018 in English. You could make a conference with her or even make a documentary on Anxiety.
    There is also a Cheffe (bouffe/food). In Québec, we use the feminine form for Chef but in France they keep it Chef for man and woman). Her name in Lesley Chesterman. She is anglophone from Saskatchewan and fell in Love with Montréal many years ago. I’m amazed by her French. She was a restaurants’ critics for 20 years for the Montréal English Newspaper “The Gazette”. You can check her as well on Youtube. When you’ll come back to Montréal with Pink and Paul, you’ll have some restaurant suggestions. Lesley said Montréal is among the best cities for food at an international. I even didn’t know that. Why not even “Touring Montréal restos with Leslie and a Maestra”. Another idea: mixing food and music. Lesly is a classical music lover.
    To finish, my two female colleagues from Haïti say Hi and nicknamed you “La Maestra”. Don’t be offended. It means The Maestra as you know. They affectionate you but feel to shy to contact you. So there was “La Callas”, “La Cardinale” and now “La Maestra”. I guess you’ve already entered in all our hearts. Don’t forget we’re in the shadow but we surely put you & your family in our thoughts. xo (Anite) & xo (Lynda) and xo (me of course).


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