Stop. Look.

I remind myself to do this, daily. Because there is so much to see.

It’s August and there are beautiful things everywhere. And in this strangest of all summers, I’m trying to take them in.

I am ridiculously, profoundly privileged to live where I live, where this vista is a 5 minute bike ride from our apartment.

I’ve been especially anxious these last few weeks. And it’s in times of anxiety that I know I need to exercise my “Stop. Look.” Because look at what you can find:

An avocado-emblazoned dressing with no avocado, apparently.

Also, my little guy in a perfect ray of light.

It’s a mindfulness practice I can do anywhere, anytime. No need to plan. No need to prepare. Just stop. Look.

3 thoughts on “Stop. Look.

  1. Wayne Zelenak says:

    Sarah, the photo of Pinkerton is stunning and eloquent with his ears perched and staring in the warmth of the sunshine, gazing peacefully into an image of interest, in the comfort of his home. He is not concerned with the memories of the past, and content basking in a world of love, where all his needs are met by his family.

    Life is simple for Pinkerton, devoid of worry of the future, enjoying playtime, and an occasional scratch, paired with words of praise. Being acutely aware of the beauty in the world is a gift and which we are all part of, including Pinkerton, and sharing that gift in gratitude brings joy, peace, and harmony. Enjoy life each day…


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