There’s a lot on my plate right now – we’re moving in less than 2 weeks, I’m working on a potential project with an entertainment behemoth, and it looks like I’ll be conducting my first concert IN 6 MONTHS the first week of September. It’s all good, but as it often happens, I all of a sudden have a lot going on at the same time.

For me, a slightly heightened/excited period of life (like the one I’m in) can tip me into a mild bout of hypomania. I’ve felt the familiar buzz in my head, the slight numbness of my fingers, and the very irregular appetite that let me know that of the sleeplessness and rapid thoughts and inability to stay still that may follow.

So, yes, I guess I’m dealing with that right now too.

Forgive me if my posts are shorter for the next few weeks!

2 thoughts on “Busy-ness

  1. Bonsoir Maestra.
    I’m sad that you had to move somewhere else. I’m glad that you will start again as a conductor in september. Don’t ever give up. Magical things happen all the time. They always happen when we’re not seeking them.
    I forgot to mention that I was parked on a street in Verdun when I watched you live on Instagram. I rushed to finish my notes +- 20:25 and set up the laptop to watch your interview. Nice work. Always interesting. You’re really good as an interviewer, Sarah. I feel that I’m in a kind of parallel universe when I watch your fascinating interviews. I discover and learn stuff different than medical. I’m grateful toward you for that. So that evening I decided to take my supper time between 20:30-21:30 in my car. General Baycon would have not let me drive and watch anyway. I’ll send you a picture of the general. I decided to put some humour during the covid-19. It’s a little plush piggy with a N95 on the head. It was a plush (kind of teddy bear) who belonged to my son when he was young. I recycled him for funny purpose. When I do my notes in my car I put my health center banner and my stethoscope so people don’t think I’m a hacker. When people, who are passing by on the sidewalk and see the general on my steering wheel, they start to laugh and some whisper (neat,…). All of my colleagues at work adopted him in their hearts. Another of my crazy ideas but I don’t care and I assume it.
    I took enough of your time.
    I’m supposed to be in my hometown Victoriaville tomorrow with my wife, my son and pug-Ô. My dad traded his poney for a miniature poney (Romeo. He is 4). My dad is almost 86 but he feels much younger since then. I’ll get some pictures. I’ll also try to see for a last time father Corrèa who is dying (he’s the one who was in touch with the actress Claudia… when the Maestro passed away last July 6).
    Take care Sarah, Pinkerton and Paul.
    Au revoir.


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