Not a good day

I try to keep positive and busy and flexible but sometimes I just want to pull the covers over my head. I miss what I do. I miss my colleagues. I miss traveling. Being away from creating music for so long nudges my anxiety up day by day.

I’m just…really missing this today.

6 thoughts on “Not a good day

  1. Wayne Zelenak says:

    Sarah, in a world plagued by a pandemic, stoked by words of fear and uncertainty, we are all becoming anemic, suffering from hypoxia. It drains our energy and leaves us listless.

    The incidents in the streets of Oregon are causing hysteria as we slip deeper into a cultural war of idealogy, protests, and despair. I agree it is not a good day…


  2. Rev. Ann Fenlason says:

    I concur with Wayne. This has been hard–harder on some than others, harder some days than others, but hard all the way ’round. And though we are presently bound by the strictures of physical distancing and the ramifications that come from breathing shared air, we still have the gift of accompanying others on this seemingly unending and not-at-all-joyful journey.

    Your posts speak to what so many are going through; not only that, through your writing, you express the ache and longing of this experience in ways that only an artist can express, which brings (to those who do not understand how artists see the world) an opportunity to look at life through that lens, helping the readers see something in a way they might not have considered before.

    But the best thing about your posts is that you allow others to walk alongside you on your journey–and it provides a way for us to remind you that we are here for–and with–you. Keep going!

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    1. chefdorch says:

      I love the idea of accompanying each other on this challenging journey, particularly the sense that we are always traveling through, rather than stuck in, these points in our lives. Thank you for that clarity.


  3. Steven Thompson says:

    I miss watching you too !!!
    This whole thing just stinks.
    We have all lost so much of the one asset we just can never get back…….
    Time of our lives, our loves and our selves…
    I pray every day for our country and our world that it is healed of such horrible events…


  4. chefdorch says:

    Yes, we can never recover time – probably the hardest part of all of this. I too am hoping for healing sooner rather that later…


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