Self (un)awareness

Pinkerton is improving by leaps and bounds. It’s hard to imagine that 2 months have passed since his accident – like everything in quarantine times, it seems like both yesterday and last year, all at the same time.

That he can walk, run (albeit crookedly), have a ball-chasing instinct, climb the stairs we bought for him to get up on the couch – it feels miraculous to me, given that his hind legs were fully paralyzed eight weeks ago today. We’re in the midst of starting some physical therapy – stretching, balancing – to get the nerves firing and to help rebuild his weakened right hind leg. It’s a process.

I don’t think he realizes that anything is different.

Dogs are blissfully self unaware (or is it unself aware? that doesn’t sound right to me). They aren’t comparing their present with their past, or bemoaning a loss, or anxieties about future pain. It doesn’t matter that Pink is not ready to hike with us on our favorite trails – and may not recover enough to do full hikes in the future – his happiness in in being outdoors, with us, enjoying the sun.

And perhaps he likes being carried around in his specially designed backpack.

As I type, he lounges contentedly on the couch, waiting patiently for me to give him dinner, to scratch his belly, unconcerned with the scar across his back, his slight limp. And I try to live moment to moment with him.

5 thoughts on “Self (un)awareness

  1. Wayne Zelenak says:

    Sarah, it’s great to hear the good news about Pinkerton who is an important part of your life as he grounds some of your wayward emotions in these uncertain times. I have always considered time to be important and to make every second count. In these downtimes, I encourage others to stop, look, and listen to the ambient beauty that brings ineffable joy. You are surrounded by friends and family all around the world and a loving pet that adores you and Paul. Now is the time to savor each moment and meditate on its message and meaning.

    I posted a metaphor on my FB page entitled “Notice the Ripples,” a simple poem by Robert Longley to capture each moment in life regardless of the time, place, or circumstance and live in the present. As always, Sylvain has inspired me with his rousing videos and thoughtful words, as we share our time together on social media…


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