Old school

Do you remember drive-in movies? They were a childhood staple for me – memories of my brother and I spilling popcorn in the back of my mom’s station wagon, the tinny sound from those little speakers, falling asleep on the ride home.

I guess everything old is new again at some point, but the drive-in experience was NOT one of those things I thought would make a comeback. This is a shot from a drive-in concert in Aarhus, Denmark, where singer-songwriter Mads Langer gave a live concert to a live crowd, socially distanced in their cars of course.

I love this for two reasons: first, the very inventiveness of artists in repurposing such an old-school platform, and second, the fact that people are so hungry for live music that they attended the concert in droves. It gives me hope for the future of music, and of humankind.

What inventiveness have you encountered lately?

My task: a bike ride with may brother and his family. My nephew, 7, has recently mastered bike riding and this was our first outing with him. Tooling around the paths in Golden Gate Park, life felt almost normal for a few hours (done!)

One thought on “Old school

  1. “What inventiveness have you encountered lately?”
    Maestra’s inventiveness. I’m not joking. Since the shelter in place you ‘reinvented yourself’. I even think we haven’t seen everything yet. I mean you did explore & you keep exploring new avenues. Good, good, good.
    I don’t know if you could adapt the photo above for a concert with an orchestra on the stage respecting the 6 feet. Well I would not expect you do a concert in Montréal in February unless you would be in a kind of emptied but heated aquarium (but the sound might not be optimal for the folks in their cars. Talking about sound the sound engineer or whatever the proper title will have to improve the sound of those speakers in the cars (unless it would be on FM). Last time I’ve been to a cine-park the sound was so so but it was also a so so so long time ago).
    To finish, let us know Sarah if we comment here in WordPress.com or in your new Fb’s page associated with your blog post. I don’t want be a bozo by writing to myself where no one is reading. Keep up your nice Oeuvres d’Art.


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