My mom, who has lived in Hawaii for nearly 50 years, was never a big beach person, and avoided them most of the time. And so it wasn’t terribly surprising that she’d never seen a rainbow over the ocean.

Until yesterday, that is. Since the pandemic, she’s found herself wanting to be outdoors in nature more (for both exercise and stimulation), and happened upon this:

Double rainbow!!

We never know what’s around the corner, or what surprises (be they dreadful or delightful) may be in our path. This double rainbow reminded me that we need to be open and accepting to both.

What unexpected moment of delight stays with you?

My task: I’ve totally given up on blogging before 6 pm. It’s mostly because I want to have no obligations in the evening, but I think that by putting that restriction on myself I’m actually more prone to procrastinate! That being said, my task today was to spend some (virtual) time with a girlfriend this evening to see if all was well in her world (done!)

2 thoughts on “Reminders

  1. “What unexpected moment of delight stays with you?”
    Good for your mom. Tell her that about two years ago a colleague at work took a picture of almost the same phenomena over the St. Laurence river (fleuve St-Laurent). It was about 6:30pm on a Wednesday. There were not two but three rainbows. She thought she was hallucinating. The third one ‘was not as complete as the first two ones’ i.e. you could see the beginning and the ending but no in the middle part and it was more pale than the first two ones. She took pictures but it didn’t render at 100 % what her eyes had seen. She showed it to her 2 skeptical colleagues (including me). We were in awe but I remember having said I saw it in my car but I thought there were two. This souvenir is still fresh in my mind.
    Those Nature’s magic tricks are always delightful.


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