A magical creature

As any of you who follow me on social media may know, this beautiful creature is Pinkerton, my Papillon. I also believe him to be a creature of great wisdom, so I thought today I would share the Truths According to Pinkerton.

They are quite simple:

Sleep when you are tired, play when you have energy.

Eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full.

Approach each stranger as a potential friend, approach friends with unabashed joy.

Greet each day as the only day that exists.

Love with abandon.

Pinkerton doesn’t care that we’re in quarantine. He doesn’t care that I’ve been spending days in the same sweats. He doesn’t care if the world is uncertain, as long as Paul and I close by, secure in our love.

When I’m having my anxious days, I remind myself to look to my little companion for guidance. The honesty of his actions are illuminating.

Do you find wisdom in the natural world?

My task today: speaking of Pinkerton, I’ve meant to wash him for days and have been putting it off. Today is the day. Shampoo, conditoning and blow dry (done!)

2 thoughts on “Wisdom

  1. “Do you find wisdom in the natural world?”
    I find wisdom simply by walking or doing some easy hicking in the forests. Trees have a lot to teach us. I’ve read a book about how trees communicate each others. Amazing indeed. It should enlighten all of us about the wisdom of the trees.
    When I can’t go in the forest I look at some natural pictures (forests, trees, lanscapes, sunsets, sunrises, northern lights,…). I pretend that I’m there so it gives me a peace of mind and indirectly a sense of wisdom. The natural world has always inspired me.
    My pug (pug-Ô) also reflects wisdom everyday just by reminding us that we should live one day at a time. Easy to say but not so easy to do. Voilà!


  2. Robert says:

    Hello Pinkerton and Hello Sarah too.
    It’s my belief that Wisdom is all around you, you just have to look !
    Most people are too caught up with the daily grind of everyday life, the usually stressful and unapologetic task of living in a World over run by material needs and sometimes, unforgiving technology.
    Most of it, we didn’t have when I was growing up in my childhood.
    Everything in those days was more about getting out of doors and into the fresh air and open space, to explore and develop and to expand the mind through various types of outdoor activities!
    Technology is a great and essential thing, especially in the medical field and engineering projects.
    But we mustn’t forget about where we came from, our origin.
    That’s subsequently born out of the Natural World,our body clock, body language and our brain power all developed through our abilities to survive in the natural world and it’s environment.
    To be in tune and at one with nature is an awakening and refreshing experience.
    Sound to, has a significant impact and influence on our mood and how we feel.
    It’s one of the best and most important things to bring joy and peace and harmony to oneself and to others.
    Pinkerton has it all figured out before us, he doesn’t worry or get stressed out like we do, not about the same things anyway.
    He’ll be mostly content and from contentment comes love.
    So we could learn a lot from Pinkerton and the other animals, they can teach us a thing or two about being more relaxed and happy.
    Please stay safe and well Pink’s and Sarah 👋🙏🌷 x Bob x


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