No try

I had something unexpected come up today that I’m contractually unable to discuss, and it consumed most of my day. My brain is pretty exhausted right now, but my sense of duty has brought me back to my laptop, to face a blank glowing screen.

When I began this blogging experiment, I knew that I’d encounter days when time or lack of inspiration would hold me back, and writing would be the last thing I wanted to do. But I assured myself that when this happened, I would try to at least post something.

That’s what I was thinking earlier today – that I’d do my best to try to post after an intellectually exhausting day. Which reminded me of one of my favorite quotes:

Yes, I love my Star Wars and especially Yoda (and don’t get me started on Baby Yoda), and this quote has been a pop culture touchstones for many people for many years. But I think it’s because it speaks truth.

I find this to simplify my life immensely. It clearly delineates action and inaction. It eliminates the cop-out that is “trying”. It clarifies formerly ambiguous situations, and it’s immensely empowering in that it gives one dominion over one’s choices.

So today, I chose to DO, and to post regardless of the lateness of the hour and the slow staleness of my brain, and I’m glad that I did.

What have you chosen to DO lately, given the choice of doing or doing not? What does “trying” mean to you?

My task today: to express extra appreciation to my patient husband, who has done all of the household chores we had planned to do together today, before my unexpected interruption. AND he cooked dinner. He’s amazing, and I’ve told him so several times already, and will do so again. (done!)

2 thoughts on “No try

  1. Wayne Zelenak says:

    Sarah, I love your tenacity and devotion to the principle of a “Can-Do” spirit. Paul is your rock who loves and supports you in the most challenging of times. We both are fortunate to have a spouse that is amazing.

    Each morning we still arise at 5:30 am with unwavering family chores to take our two dogs out for a walk, prepare breakfast for all including the dogs, make the beds and follow the agenda for the day. With two grandchildren living with us, we have to keep them occupied, well-fed, and happy.

    My wife is devoted to making great meals and on the weekends my daughter takes the reins and prepares gourmet dinners, where presentation and taste are paramount. Each meal takes several hours to prepare, leaving the kitchen strewn with piles of dirty dishes, pots and pans, paired with trash to be taken out to the garage. This is where I take over with the help of the dishwasher. Each of us has a “Can-Do” spirit regardless of how we feel physically.

    This morning, my daughter and I built a dresser from parts and instructions. The project was complex and took four hours to complete. Being a joint project, everything turned out great.

    Reminiscing each day, I’m grateful for our family and the joy we share together paired with the awareness that we need each other. Tomorrow includes vacuuming the carpets in the house. I’ve chosen that chore. With the question of trying, I know my ability and limits and will defer and delegate to professionals when it includes electricity, plumbing, and tree trimming.

    Sarah, thanks for persevering in the late hour, weary and mentally spent. Your words inspire and resonate with me and I hope we can share an interesting chat sometime to discuss our mutual interests. I’d like to start with Marvin Hamlisch who became a legend and creative genius in music.



  2. “What have you chosen to DO lately, given the choice of doing or doing not? What does “trying” mean to you?”

    I have chosen to help some elders that I know in regard of this covid-19. This virus causes many deaths in the age group 70+. Even if there are a lot of deaths in this age group there is at least someone near them to ensure he/she will not pass away alone. Humanity is being shown in the little gesture day after day. You can’t be everywhere but you can choose to make a difference with certain people.
    Trying means a lot to me. If you don’t try you’ll never know if you have succeded. Failure is a good time for introspection and coming back even stronger to help out.


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