A writing teacher in university told me something that has become something of a core belief – to “make sure your creative stew is always simmering”.

I literally always have something on the burner, and juggling a multitude of projects keeps my creativity alive. The sudden loss of concerts and residencies and those opportunities to create in my usual ways has led me to search for other venues, other outlets, and one I’ve always wanted to explore was YouTube.

So to keep things simmering, I’ve created a channel, Harmony in Balance. I’ve always wanted to share the ways in which I try to created balance in my busy life onstage and on the road, and to show how the many elements of wellness work together, in harmony.

Part of balance, for me, is finding ways in which to express myself, and fashion has been an outlet for most of my life. So I think it’s fitting that my first video is all about fashion in quarantine!

What are your creative outlets?

My task today: to finally post a video on which I’ve been working for a week! (done!!)

One thought on “Simmering

  1. “What are your creative outlets?”
    I’m a Gemini & a south paw (left handed) so I’m supposed to be creative. I don’t know if it is true or not. Some persons told me that. If I would not do my present job I would have been in cinema (screenplay, cineast). I guess it will have to wait for my next life. Lol!
    You had a good idea, Maestra. I must suscribe to Youtube to put some likes on your videos.


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