So much energy

This video was released several weeks ago – I had so much other stuff going on that I wasn’t able to give it the attention it deserved!

In my years working with the Minnesota Orchestra I’ve been able to collaborate with a roster of truly great artists, and I feel so privileged to add Cloud Cult to that list. If you aren’t familiar with this band, read more about them here. They are marvelous, full of shining spirit, committed to their industry-leading environmental practices and a deeply wonderful group of people.

When we produced this video, we sent a prompt to all of our musicians: “What do you keep your heart open to?”. The answers are all part of the video. Mine? “The infinite potential of each moment”.

Reading the news these last few weeks has been an exercise of near-daily grief as the worst of human nature is revealed. It is impossible to not be deflated by another mass shooting, another meaningless death, another traumatized family.

But I believe in the possibility of hope. I believe in our inherent capacity for compassion. I believe that the small, good actions of today can lay the groundwork for profound change. I believe in the infinite potential of each moment.

What do you keep your heart open to?

2 thoughts on “So much energy

  1. seskona1icloudcom says:

    My Heart? Everything! Everyone! Closed hearts & minds lead to divided hearts full of hate & confusion. Open hearts & minds lead to Love & Understanding. In spite of everything in this World we must have the courage to Love and be open hearted- For in so doing the Truth is set free!✌️

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  2. Bon matin*, La Maestra.

    Thank you for this post and the flabbergasting video. We must admit that we’ve never heard of this marvellous group before. Wow! So much Talents reunited including the symphony and you. The ‘grain’ (I’m not sure if it is the proper term in English but I mean the sound of the lead singer’s voice throughout his vocal cords) in the voice of the singer was amazing.

    -> “What do you keep your heart open to?”
    Enchantment. I believe in synchronicity and I’m always amazed when it does happen. This is how I discover you on YouTube the first time. You know the rest of the narrative. I also believe that when we are compassionate for someone (even pets and we, humans, are supposedly sociable animals too) we connect up to a certain level in the quantum world. Ours consciousnesses are interconnected like in the quantum entanglement. Science tends to prove it slowly with studies in different fields (plants, pets, humans,…). Dr. Bruce Lipton showed it many many times in his videos on Fb, YouTube and probably on other platforms.

    I hope that you, Pink, Paul and your respective families are safe and healthy. I also hope you’ll get vaccinated soon unless it was done already. We’ve received the Pfizer vaccine in 2 shots. I wish the Best to Paul with his new job. Myckael (my son) is also in the finance world.

    The finale. I’ll put the trailer of an animation film coming out on Netflix at the end of the month. Apparently, director Denis Villeneuve was approached for the project because of his excellent movie “Arrival”. This is how I’ve heard about that movie. I have to brag a bit because I’m be proud of my compatriot. My pug did the same thing as the pug in the car but it was a wasp. We were in the Adirondacks in 2012. We thought that pug-Ô might be allergic but I had some adrenaline in my car. I was seeing myself making cpr (including mouth to mouth stuff) on my pug alongside a secondary road in Lake Placid. Nothing happened. He was ok.

    *The wild brunch (Anite, Lynda and me) xoxoxo
    n.b.: keep up with your projects Sarah. I’ve sent you a pm. I try to disturb you as less as possible with pm but I think that one worth a watch. You decide as usual. The final cut is yours. Action. Cinéma, cinéma.


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