4 thoughts on “Question of the evening

  1. seskona1icloudcom says:

    Love that question! Answer? None that I/we don’t already have. We all have immense ‘superpowers’: the capacity to love, give to each other unconditionally, commit ‘random acts of kindness’ for one another, leap over life’s challenges with a single verb- Faith! By using ‘superpowers’ we are each born with we exalt one another & ourselves. If one ‘superpower’ stands out above all others it is our amazing ability to Love! Love one another! Love those in need, sorrow, adversity, sickness, the dying, & especially those who don’t love you. The Beatles said it best (to use a musical metaphor); “…All You Need Is Love…” Hummm…Sarah how about using your superpowers for an orchestral tribute to The Beatles? 😇

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  2. Wayne Zelenak says:

    Memories of Spring

    Sarah, the segue from the chill of winter to the spring season has always been the opiate of nostalgia for me, with reminiscing images of the past, whispering in the morning breeze and sunshine. Just watching insignificant things like a chattering cloud of starlings resting on the branches of a large oak tree or telephone line, reminds me of family and friends. The beauty of a single lotus flower can change the mood of the day.

    Looking back in time, my weekends were consumed by the hustle and bustle and sounds of lawnmowers and airplanes flying overhead, in the deep satin-blue sky, with neighborhood women hanging their wash on clotheslines, in the back yard to dry. To pass the time with chores, women listened to soap operas on portable radios.

    Reminiscing, I transcend in my mind, to a quiet time, evoking memories of riding my bicycle to the playground or my friend’s house to see if he was home. Our summers were warm and carefree, without worry, fear, or concern; with mom’s home-cooked meals always waiting at the end of each day, at the dinner table. Time for me was measured only by the rising and falling of the sun, family gatherings during holidays, birthdays, and meeting new friends.

    Each one of us has our own personal memories of the true meaning of “home.” Some include Sunday dinners shared with uncles, cousins, and siblings, and the chatter around the dinner table, with hugs and kisses, that echo forever in our minds. Other memories include trips to the beach, with blankets, and baskets of food to enjoy by the sound of seagulls, pounding waves, and paired with the salty air and the discriminable scent of Coppertone. The night air at the boardwalk echoed with the sounds of rollercoasters and colored lights that reflected in the moonlit sky.

    The enigma of time captures the haunting fragments, our brief moments of trial and error, defeat, success, sadness, and joy, and become the scrapbook montage of our life’s journey to enjoy and share. Memories endure forever, in our mind, while challenge and change are constant forever; in the wonder of the world and the Great Circle of Life…

    If I had one superpower, I would use it for others to feel the passion in life, see the beauty in nature, and realize that we are all connected in eternity in a family portrait, where diversity can be shared in love, in the Great Circle of Life…

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  3. Time travelling master (using only my mind).

    I would be the founder and CEO of ETTA*: Eternal Time Travel Agency.

    . you would travel in a time machine respecting the quantum entanglement and the relativity;
    . you would have a cloaking device for not being seen;
    . you would communicate by telepathy with a special gear;
    . a specialized historian of the era would be with you to answer your questions and to make sure you won’t interfere with History.

    My first clients would be Sarah&Paul. Pinkerton could go with you.

    Which moment in time would you like to witness, Sarah? Paul?


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