Just a thought for you today, from a marvelous book, Descartes’ Error: Emotion, Reason and the Human Brain :

“Emotions and the feelings are not a luxury, they are a means of communicating our states of mind to others. But they are also a way of guiding our own judgments and decisions. Emotions bring the body into the loop of reason.”

António R. Damásio

2 thoughts on “Feelings

  1. Interesting and always timely debate, “the human being as integrality”. But also huge and exciting. Phenomenology, hermeneutics, existentialism, structuralism… When we start to explore, we perceive ourselves as amazing, and also small. But we have the remainder of the pandemic to entertain and grow.

    But, fortunately, your professional activity is reactivated these days, and expands its areas of competence. Congratulations. You see: “life opens the way”


  2. Thanks for sharing this intriguing quote, Sarah.
    I wasn’t aware about the book. I’m used and I prefer to read a book in his original language (just English in my case) even if I know they might be translated in French sooner or later.
    I’m gonna check for this book. I will also watch if there are some video(s) about the book on YouTube as well as video(s) about the author Antonio R. Damasio (with all due respect for mr. Damasio, I’m sorry for the lack of the Spanish accents. I set my keybord in French Canadian).
    A lot of folks probably remember René Descartes’s famous quote (“I think so I am/Je pense donc je suis.” I was told in my history course in high school that René Descartes was exchanging quite often his pov with the Cardinal Richelieu in Paris. Richelieu was one of the builders of the Nouvelle-France (New France) which finally became Québec nowadays.


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