Holiday Housekeeping

A few bits of blog housekeeping:

I don’t know if I posted about this, but my friend Pamela Espeland wrote this lovely piece about me on MinnPost a month or two back. And just last week, Yoshi Kato wrote this piece about 3 Bay Are conductors (myself included of course!) and another shorter feature in the San Francisco Chronicle’s “Datebook”. It’s a privilege to be covered by these wonderful journalists, and I’m so glad I was able to share my stories to an even wider audience!

For those of you who missed the live broadcast/livestream last Friday, my concert with the Minnesota Orchestra, A Midwinter Gathering, is available here; you’ll be asked to create an account to access the archived concerts. It’s immensely gratifying to be able to produce a show like our Gathering, a concert which tied together music and storytelling from diverse voices. Wherever we are around the world, we love to gather and connect with our loved ones, and I hope the Orchestra and I did our part to remind the world that we humans share more similarities than differences.

I had sort of a rough weekend when I returned home to San Francisco – I made a rather heartbreaking discovery – I’m not quite ready to write about it yet. Sorry to be so opaque; I promise I’ll be more transparent when I’m able.

And finally, in connection to the Minnesota Orchestra again, we recorded a musical holiday greeting during our rehearsal process for the broadcast. I love this gentle tune, and hope that it brings some joy and warmth to you as well:

2 thoughts on “Holiday Housekeeping

  1. Wayne Zelenak says:

    Heart of the Heartland
    Sarah, your rendition of “Heart of the Heartland” by Peter Ostroushko, was a soft and poignant piece that captured the feelings that fell silent for so long. His effusive music from Heart of the Heartland was used by Ken Burns for the PBS documentary “Lewis & Clark.”
    Thank you for sharing your talent conducting the holiday greeting with the Minnesota Orchestra once again. It brought the mood of joy and warmth of the season and the awareness of another genre and artist. “I love your “Midwinter Gathering with Kevin Kling”
    Stay safe, positive, and festive in this wonderful time of the year.


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