I needed a little break, and it was frankly nice to take what really amounted to just 10 days away from this blog, and from much of my social media.

During my pre-Covid days I spent a majority of my time in front of people – in rehearsals and concerts, of course, but also in meetings, on the radio, giving presentations, speaking. I became accustomed to a life that was tilted towards the external. And there’s frankly nothing wrong with that – it served a purpose. But it could be exhausting.

Since March I’ve had ample time to take a step back and give focus to the internal, and that too serves a purpose – it was a necessary reset, a shift away from throwing all of my energy outwards. And over these months I’ve gained a better sense of the delicate balance of living in and out of my head.

And I knew enough 10 days ago that I needed to start focusing on the inward for a little bit. Maintaining a virtual presence – here, of course, but across social media especially – takes more outward energy than I had anticipated. In some senses, it’s more relentless than anything I was doing before – at least concerts have a definitive ending! An online presence is a 24/7 venture, and that can be exhausting.

So, as they say, balance with everything. If these 10 months have taught me anything, it’s that I need more breaks than I think I do, and that mindfulness is a skill on which I need to keep working!

One thought on “Comeback

  1. Wayne Zelenak says:

    Knowing Yourself

    Rumi, one of the greatest philosophers of all time teaches: “What you are seeking is also seeking you,” and Lao Tzu stated knowing others is intelligence, knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power. If you realize you have enough, you are truly rich.

    All of these quotes are thought-provoking, while we face many challenges in life, and seek to know answers to “who we are and the purpose for our existence.” I have learned in our weakest times we learn the most. We learn to listen more, become more compassionate, and enlightened to the beauty in the world around us.

    The global yearlong pandemic, sleepless nights, financial challenges, and uncertainty have been a maelstrom of debilitating emotions for many of us, testing our sanity, resolve, and resilience. Social unrest, political division, and virulence have propagated fear and uncertainty for the future of our nation.

    All of this chaos brings us to the question of what is “really important” in life. For each of us, the answer is different, teaching us that we shouldn’t compare ourselves with others. It only results in insecurity and depression. All of our goals, dreams, and aspirations depend on a positive and healthy psyche of mind, body, and soul. To find peace and joy, all three must be in check and fed daily with encouragement, inspiration, and nourishment.

    I believe that the awareness of “knowing yourself” is essential in finding peace and joy. Listening and learning from others will expand your horizon and provide the balance you seek with life. Sharing stories, time with family and friends, and cherishing the beauty in nature, will bring you to a place that Rumi spoke about. I am grateful that we have had the opportunity to exchange our thoughts in a virtual relationship, and I hope to meet you one day in the future.

    Stay safe, positive, take more breaks, and listen to the cognitive thoughts while you run and exercise. I only hope that my words resonate with you and bring solace to the problems we both share in our journey.



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