It’s a small world after all

I don’t know about you, but I’m a little exhausted about everything that’s going on right now – it’s hard to know who to listen to, or how much news I should be ingesting. There are a few things, however, that I recognize as fact: 1) humans are not good with patience, and 2) just because you say something is true doesn’t make it true – it actually has to be true.

Another fact: no matter how much division we cause amongst ourselves, no matter how we think how different we are from the “other”, no matter how unique we believe ourselves to be, humans, all humans, share 99.9% of their DNA in common. We’re basically all there same, folks.

And finally, if the pandemic has curtailed your wanderlust, or if you want a fascinating diversion, or if you simply want to feel connected to the billions of people around the world who wake up and take care of their kids and make dinner and listen to the radio, just like we do; check out Radio Garden.

It’s a map of the world, and you can click over to any radio station that’s available, anywhere. And the world is at your fingertips. From my 10 minute scan this afternoon, here’s what people were listening to:

Country Radio Switzerland, Schönenberg, Switzerland – Brad Paisley

EasyRock FM 92.3I, loilo City, Philippines – Chicago

Mix 90.1 FM, Toluca, Mexico – Kings of Leon

Top Milenium FM 91.5, Asunción, Paraguay – Cher

Invicta FM 98.9, Kaduna, Nigeria – Mary J Blige

TFMRuwi, Oman – Coldplay

Yes, I realize it says something about the impact of American culture around the world, but to me it also points out that there are people out there, everywhere, listening to the same kind of stuff we listen to. That that someone in LA might be grooving to the same Mary J Blige tune as is a listener in Nigeria. Or that, whether you’re in Annapolis or Asunción, Cher is pretty fabulous. Or that maybe we aren’t all so different after all.

2 thoughts on “It’s a small world after all

  1. Bonjour La Maestra (on behalf of Anite, Lynda and Denis). I hope you are doing fine. Your posts are always inspired and they inspire us in return.
    We live more and more on a global small village with the social networks as long as we use it properly by being respectful toward each others.
    Our ancestors were blacks and were from Kenya. I’ve read an article in Nature about that topic. Our DNA is 99.9 % the same. Our different skin colours were caused by the migration of our ancestors throughout the globe over thousands of years. The sun then had a huge impact on our skin pigments and on our eyes’ morphology with the evolution. Science.
    Merci for the link Radio Garden. Neat. I’m always grateful for those links you give us.


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