Omissions, and an addition…

…to last week’s list.


George Floyd was murdered, and Minneapolis, my former home town, went up in flames.

California went up in flames and the sky turned a Martian orange.

My agency, Columbia Artists, one of the oldest and largest management agencies, went under.


RBG. To say that I’m heartbroken can’t even remotely capture it.

2 thoughts on “Omissions, and an addition…

  1. Joe says:

    It has been a very, very bad year for most of us but I think even worse for you. I fear we have possibly more bad things happening to us, our country and the rest of the world During the remainder of the year. I hope next year is better.


  2. Hello Maestra.
    I humbly think this world is becoming more and more an awkward kind of Kinder Surprise. The interior of the candy doesn’t always carry good surprises, though. Some would say to blame it on karma. I don’t. I think it is a maelstrom of unfortunate events who happen by accident.
    Nevertheless everyone do her/his best to cope with those surprises.
    There is nothing more for me to add but just to wish you the Best in the west.


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