No filter

San Francisco looked like Mars last week. This was 9:30 am. It got even weirder at noon – darker, more oppressive – but I couldn’t bring myself to go outside. It was just too upsetting.

Between the pandemic, the 5 Atlantic cyclones, the record-setting conflagrations, the red skies, the plague of locusts (yes, there was one in Africa)… I have to fight the rising anxiety that we’ve entered end times.

In the mean time, I’m working on projects, conducting concerts, beginning my TV hosting career, moving forward in the ways that I can.

Hold your loved ones close, find the beauty of small things, and let’s keep breathing (with the air filter running, of course…)

3 thoughts on “Mars

  1. Hey, Sarah, Paul and Pinkerton. I just hope those fires will end soon so the air quality in SF will come back to a certain normality. Last September 16, the sky here in Montréal had a slight orange glow. The weather specialist said it was the residue of the fire in California. Geez!
    While I was writing these lines they said that composer and singer Daniel Bélanger will publish an instrumental album on October 2nd called “Travelling”. One of the track “Froid comme la gachette (Cold as a trigger)” will be a tribute to Ennio Morricone/Sergio Leone’s universe. Bélanger is well known here.


  2. Sarah, I’ve decided to share that short video above (+- 10 minutes from YouTube) about Dre Kim Cobb of Georgia Tech. She is an expert on climate change. She’s among some scientists who predicted about 10 years ago the environment problems we are facing now. She said that in 2030 it will be 2-3 x worse than now if our societies don’t act now. She gives “Smart ” Solutions, though. Take care and restez tous (you, Paul, Pink and your families) en Santé!


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