Brave new world

Sanitized TV remote, Marriott Downton Dallas
Sanitation station outside elevator on every floor, Marriott Downtown Dallas
Daily wristbands indicating that I’ve passed a temperature test, Meyerson Symphony Center
Hand sanitizer with logo, Meyerson Symphony Center

5 thoughts on “Brave new world

  1. Sound is linked with everything, Sarah. That picture above, taken from Dr Michio Kaku (theoretical physicist) science site, seems to give credit to it. We might never go back to the previous world but we will cope with it by being resilient. This “Brave new world” will hopefully push humanity’s sound forward and will force us to act quickly and efficiently to improve our well being among the symphony of our precious little blue dot.

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  2. I hope you’re having FUN! How is it going in Dallas?

    I’m okay. Feeling not super-well at the moment, but not because of Covid or anything. My gut’s kind of a mess. My mom’s boyfriend dying has kind of set my world on a tilt, and even if my head doesn’t know it, apparently my digestive system does! It’s not that I’m so sad about him (I liked him a lot, but we weren’t super-close). But now my mom is alone and I’m the main support person, and that weighs on me. Plus, as I think I’ve said, she kind of makes me batty, so calling her once or twice or more a day is taking a toll.

    In other news, my niece, who arrived at the Univ of Wisconsin last week to begin her freshman year, already has tested positive for Covid. Happily, she’s asymptomatic, and hopefully will remain so. My brother(it’s his daughter) claims to be unconcerned, but he’s always that way. He says it’s only a matter of time until my boys are exposed to it. I keep hoping that I had it in March, and that they were exposed then and so will not get ill. But we’ll see, I guess. It’s spreading off campus at Michigan State, as I write this.

    Eli is psyched because he’s second trombone in the top jazz band as a sophomore. He practiced like a madman all summer, so I’m very proud of him. He’s thrilled but stressed about it, too. Hopefully, he keeps his stress under control. He should probably be on meds for anxiety (he was as a child) but chooses to go without them for now.

    Liam went with a couple of fraternity brothers up to Susanville this weekend, to stay with one of the guys at his family’s house. The parents were there and didn’t make the kids quarantine or anything. They’d all had Covid tests on campus the week before and all tested negative, but still… Maybe I’m too cautious? Liam says I’m the most nervous of any of his friends’ parents. Anyway, he’s doing really well so far, enjoying being in a house full of guys, busy with online classes and stuff he does over at Hillel, the Jewish community on campus. He’s interested in either going into data science or becoming a rabbi (!!), hence the Hillel stuff.

    Sarah passed her driving test and this has changed our life dramatically. I inherited my stepfather’s car (Richard, my mom’s boyfriend), so that car is now mine and she has my minivan. His car is an Audi A5 in midnight blue. It so exactly unlike me and feels so strange to be driving. But my mother keeps saying how wonderful it is to keep it “in the family,” and she loves seeing it in the driveway when she comes over. So despite my itch to trade it in for a Toyota and pocket the difference, I’m instead tooling around town in a dark, sporty, fancy car. Very weird. Also unsettling. Never thought I’d say this, but I miss the minivan!

    Hope you are well! So curious about how the gig is going and how it makes you feel to be back at it.




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