Point of view

Sometimes you need a different point of view.

Fortunately we’re dog sitting for some friends in Tiburon, so the view from my office is pretty spectacular for the next few days. A lot has been going on in the last week; it’s good to have a change of scenery and a little time for reflection.

8 thoughts on “Point of view

  1. Hello Sarah, Pinkerton & Paul.
    What a gorgeous scenery.
    Having different points of view permit us to make introspection and then compare, bring up new arguments and/or ideas, and so on.
    You’re in my thoughts and we’ll surely find out some solutions.

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  2. “Analemma”, the 8-shaped path in the picture, is caused by Earth’s tilt and orbit.
    This photo shows the positions of the sun at 4 pm every several days in Callanish, Scotland.
    Knowing that you like 8, I thought it could bring up a different pov.
    Image credit: Giuseppe Petricca, master photographer 📸.


  3. file:///Users/macbookair/Downloads/115887062_10219699642854116_4484763321686824824_n.jpg
    Photo credit: Brian Berson; 7/27/2020.
    “I am always in awe of the beauty of the California coastline from Monterey to Carmel. The wild ocean with the incredibly beautiful range of blues and greens, the bird and sea life in the ocean, the amazing rock formations – I could go on and on.
    On this particular winter evening, the clouds were pretty heavy as sunset approached and it wasn’t looking particularly promising. But as the sun dipped behind the horizon, a few spots opened up in the clouds and the result was the magnificent array of colours you see in the photo.
    What I love most about this photo is the angry, raging ocean waters in the shallow cove area right below the Lone Cypress Tree. The water in this area changes from the deep blue-green of the Pacific Ocean to a swirling aqua blue which challenges the colours in the sky for the top spot.
    Does it get any better than this!! Enjoy today’s photo and stay safe!”


  4. Sorry Maestra. I was trying to make a surprise for you and Paul. It is a breathtaking sunset picture from Brian Berson. The descriptive is above. I’ll send it to you on Messenger. It was in regard of the pov topic.


  5. Claus says:

    My best trip ever was indeed to California in 1996 where I took the highway one route, spent three days in SF and visited Sausalito, the Monterey peninsula and more. And went to a Jay Leno show with Laura Dern. Sarah, absolutely loves the unique sunlight in the SF area and along the california coast, as seen in Tiburon. Enjoy some tranquil days with Paul and Pinkerton and the change of scenery.


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