Life intervenes

It’s 10:17 pm and I’ve suddenly realized that I haven’t written my post today. There’s a lot going on right now – we’re trying to figure out if there’s any way we can stay in our current apartment, but it looks like we can’t afford to do so. The logistics of moving mid-pandemic are disheartening, but life is life and I’ll figure this out just like I’ve figured out everything else.

That being said, my brain is tired from the number-crunching and my eyes are a little bleary from staring at real estate sites for the last few days. So please forgive that I have little to offer you today.

I wrote last week about practicing acceptance. My mind today is full of what-ifs and why’s. I suppose some part of me is waiting for things to get better, or at least to have a brief respite, and neither seems to be in the cards. Today it feels like defeat more than acceptance.

But acceptance also means accepting the days that you don’t have the fortitude to practice acceptance, if that makes any sense. And I can accept that…

7 thoughts on “Life intervenes

  1. Wayne Zelenak says:

    Sarah, I understand the world is in upheaval and many changes are taking place in the lives of all of us. The worst thing is being alone during the storm and the best thing is all storms will pass. Don’t interpret defeat for acceptance and stay focused only on today. The what-ifs and why’s are focused on the future and will always bring you down; you will survive. “Serenity comes when you trade expectations for acceptance” Buddha


  2. Claus says:

    maestra Sarah, very sad to hear about your apartment troubles. Life is just not fair in these times. You feelings and thoughts are completely valid in the situation. I hope you find an acceptable solution in the city you and Paul love. Lots of hugs and thoughts – and hoping for things getting better soon, or well deserved respite – from Denmark.


  3. Bonsoir Maestra Sarah, Paul and not the least our adorable Pinkerton aka Pink.

    I’m in my car right now with my special laptop doing some legal notes and trying to get ready for your live instagram interview at 20:30 EST. One of my two haitian colleagues is finishing her degree in nursing and wanted me to help her as well if I could tonight for a homework. I’ll try to watch and help her at the same time otherwise I’ll watch it again on youTube later on. I can now access again with this laptop. The last time it detected a threat so I couldn’t log in.

    I’m sad to read about your studio appartment. If your Baton could be magical (it is when it is in your hands while you perform in gigs around the world) I would then tell you to make $ appear. It unfortunately doesn’t work that way. If I would be millionnaire I would erase your debt. Indeed.

    It might be time to move to Montréal. 1- your currency worths more & 2- Canada is helping out artists and others as well but I don’t want to make politics. Geez. The border is still closed. Montréal is not San francisco. I know. I think at the same time it is always a bad idea to compare cities among themselves. Every places has is highs and lows. I was just kidding but… but life is cheaper in Montréal and Maestro Kent Nagano is leaving after 16 years. He was supposed to stay 3 years but he fell in love with the city. What can I do. We could make an offer to the OSM they can’t refuse. Not this way! You should get an invite at least and your agent would do the rest.

    Time to head back to the health center.

    Merde at least for tonight!


      1. Bonsoir Maestra. I’m in my car doing notes. I was listening to a radio show (a rerun for the summer) called “Moteur de recherche (Browser)”. They were comparing the price of electricity in Québec and some cities in Canada and the States. If in Québec it cost you 100$ CAN/month (and some quebeckers complain it is still too expensive) in San Francisco it cost 450$ CAN/month. I knew we were lucky in Québec with the low rate of the elctricity because of the upnorth natural ressources (rivers and dams) but I would have never thought it was so expensive not only in SF (but also in Boston, Edmonton, Vancouver,…).


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