It all feels like too much.

I fully intended to write a long post today – there’s so much to download about the state of the world and the state of my mind. I’d even drafted a few paragraphs. Then I was told of the death of a friend.

You never did like the camera, Mr. Francis

Billy Francis was Sting’s tour managers for 40 years; I had the privilege of being on tour with Sting over the summer of 2011.

Billy was everyone’s rock. He handled everything – transportation, emigration, schedules, security, room assignments, car assignments, making sure that everything was done, and done right, and done on time. Totally no-nonsense, a tough-guy presence that belied a huge heart, a wicked sense of humor, the best person to hang with for a post-concert drink.

I adored Billy, and we’ve seen each other many times since that summer. And now he’s gone.

I’ve spent much of the last 10 days both devastated and heartbroken. Loss is a part of life, death is inevitable, but right now I feel ill equipped to be at peace with those facts. I only have tears tonight.

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