Road to recovery

Pinkerton stood by himself for a few seconds today and it was glorious.

On a pee pad on a dog bed on a towel. Safety first!

He’s been spending a majority of his time hanging out in his bed. The scar is pretty impressive, running nearly half the length of his spine. He hasn’t really complained – he sits up when he has to go out, and he still leaks a bit, but he doesn’t seem to mind.

He’s always been imperturbable. The only things that he reacts to are the doorbell, UPS trucks, the printer and the air fryer timer (all things that ding, beep or whir), and then it’s simply a few staccato barks of warning. He’s always wandering away somewhere, alone, to explore a corner of a park by himself, before trotting back.

My magical little creature is a little frail right now, but he’s on the road to recovery. And I’m grateful that despite everything that’s happened to him, he still looks out the window with curiosity, bright-eyed and calm, ready for his next solo park adventure.

Thank you for the messages, the well wishes, and the love. I’ll be returning to more general topics these last few days of the blog, although I’m sure Pink will appear as I attempt to wrap up this experience.

Are there any topics in particular that you think I should cover?

One thought on “Road to recovery

  1. Good news. He stood by himself so his nervous system is reconnecting slowly but surely. The staples Pinkerton has are the same that my patients have after a surgery (hip replacement, heart surgeries,…). We’re animals too. They’ll probably remove them 10-14 days after the surgery and put some steri-strips. Don’t worry Sarah and Paul, it doesn’t hurt much when they will remove the staples. You can even watch on YouTube if you’re interested.
    It would be interesting if you could talk about injuries in your field (musicians in general). I’ve been told that some live with chronic pain (back, shoulder, hand,…).
    Don’t give up, we’re behind you and with you, Sarah & Paul.


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