A day of waiting

Hi friends, and thank you for the outpouring of love and care. Pinkerton is a lucky little guy to have so many people sending him so much positive energy.

He’s a little glassy-eyed from the fentanyl but was awake and alert this morning. He’s a trooper.

His hind legs were paralyzed yesterday after the impact and he was in shock, as were we. The hardest part is not being able to be with him due to social distancing requirements. An MRI today showed a herniated disc and he’s in surgery right now so we’re waiting yet a gain and hoping for a good outcome, and that our little butterfly will be back with us soon.

I’m not quite ready to write about this, although I think I’ll be able to put some thoughts together tomorrow, and I hope you understand. Suffice it to say that life is humbling in the unexpected turns it takes, and many times we’re surprised or shocked to face what’s around that corner. Trying to stay grounded and reminding myself to breathe. Thank you again for the care you’ve all shown, it really sustains me.

5 thoughts on “A day of waiting

  1. Thanks for keeping us posted, Sarah.
    I spoke with my director this afternoon (around 3pm EST). I remembered she has a teckel (sausage dog) and told me he had a herniated disc (+- 3-4 years ago). I told her about your dog. I was just guessing that Pinkerton might have had a herniated disc. She said her dog is doing fine since his surgery. She was hoping for the best outcome for Pinkerton.
    My positive energies are sent to Pinkerton and to all of you, guys.


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