14 days

I started this blog 9 weeks ago. I kind of hate saying that, because I started on the first day of lockdown in SF, and 9 weeks seems an unimaginably long time for life to have been put on hold. Yet here we are.

Wait, where are we??

And now I find myself with 14 more posts until the purported end of the lockdown…although it remains to be seen if it’s extended, and frankly I’m not holding my breath! But I do know that I’ll stop the daily blogging, and that’s both a relief and an unknown, as daily writing has been as much of my lockdown experience as has endless hand washing and boarded up storefronts.

Since the beginning, I’ve ended my posts by posing questions, and I did so not so much because I wanted a response, but more to give you, the reader, a jumping-off point for you own thoughts, and to show you what question I may have posed to myself when beginning to write.

So now, for these last two weeks, I want to turn the tables, and leave the questioning to you, so that your queries will serve as the basis of my posts So, friends, tell me, what kinds of thoughts have you been pondering, and what kind of questions have you been asking yourselves?

My task today: to not worry that 1) people will ask me really challenging questions or 2) no-one will ask questions! No, but seriously, I have a hard-wired fear of rejection and failure, and I’ve learned that the best way to combat that is to do things that make me uncomfortable…like leaving blog topics up to someone else. But, well, here goes (done!)

10 thoughts on “14 days

  1. A. says:

    I haven’t so much been asking questions of myself during this pandemic, to be honest, life where I am hasn’t slowed down much since the start of it, we all go on like it isn’t really happening, most people here seem inconvenienced by it. I do wonder though what my friends and family will be like after the pandemic has passed. Many of them have changed during this, it’s like realizing the two sided coin you have carried in your pocket all of your life actually has three sides. It’s disconcerting and disheartening if I’m honest. I wonder where we will find our relationships after this has passed. There are some friends, family members, coworkers that haven’t changed much and for that I’m thankful. I will say, I do hope you consider continuing your blog after the pandemic has passed, after lock down is over. I do enjoy reading your words, your thoughts, even if I don’t comment on them each time. 🙂 I hope you stay safe. Also, I’m sure it’s not the question you were thinking might be asked, I’m not sure if you had any specific questions in mind, but if you were to continue to blog after the pandemic, is there something specific you would share with the world? I’m trying to work on my fiction, I hope to get better at writing stories. I hope you are doing well. 🙂


    1. Lilly says:

      Hi Sarah!
      Your blogs have been wonderful. Not only do they provoke thought in your readers, but they bring up topics that I, as one of your readers wouldn’t have thought about or considered. So thank you.
      I’d like to ask a pre-pandemic question: you always refer to all the travel you did- and evening did a very cool you tube travel show on Copenhagen and the fabulous cuisine (check it out readers if you haven’t already seen it!). Can you conjecture what travel will be like post- pandemic and share your thought on hopping back on a plane?
      Thanks again for your thoughts and great anecdotes!


  2. Madame Maestria Cheffe d’orchestre (geez it’s shorter in English), I would dare to ask you to make us laugh. How would I do that, you might have asked me? Easy, you’ll figure it out in a moment.
    Conductor Yannick NĂ©zet-SĂ©guin gave an interview on radio today (May 18). He said that when he started about 20 years ago he was in Budapest as an invited conductor. During the rehearsal, the baton went into one of his nostrils. He started to bleed but wasn’t seriously injured. He was saying that and was laughing at the same time. As a nurse I would have jumped on the stage but wait a minute. I would have realized that I didn’t have any dressing stuff with me. Moron you were as might have told me Yoda. Indeed. Nevertheless, I would have still jumped on the stage.
    Seriously, it would be cool if you would tell us funny facts who happened in general to conductors, orchestras,… by respecting confidentiality (of course). We all need a good laugh during this special time.
    It would also be neat to read about magical moments, surreal moments that you or others in your field have witnessed.
    Your could even make a part one, two,…14? Que sera, sera. Isn’t it Sarah?


  3. Wayne Zelenak says:

    Sarah, I find that asking questions is the best way of learning about each other in relationships, children, family, and friends. It serves several important functions, to show interest, to find answers, and to challenge each other to be honest and candid.

    The mandatory lockdown in our country has affected all of us by confinement, distance, fear, uncertainty, and anxiety. It has also forced each one of us to look deeper introspectively to determine our strengths, weakness, and creativity to survive in the world that has literally stopped.

    The other night, in the warm weather, our family chose to have dinner on our deck in the rear of the house, where the wooded area is the home of wildlife including several species of birds, deer, squirrels, and an occasional fox running through the woodland. We have three bird feeders that draw beautiful birds to our property. In the springtime, we watch families of deer grow from fawn to maturity each day as they forage for food. Our bay window allows teaching our grandchildren to cherish the sounds of mourning doves in the morning and evening echoing in the distance while walking our two King Charles Cavaliers. Our property is garnished with flowers, blossoming trees, and respect for beauty; highlighted in the following quote: “Flowers are like a good friend, they bring color to your world”

    Before dinner, each of us made a friendly toast to each other and I asked my grandchildren, ages 6 and 8, what word would be important to them in the year 2020. My grandson said TRAIN. I asked why did he choose that word. He said freight trains are important to supply the food chain to our country but at the same a form of transportation to bring families together over long distances. I asked my granddaughter the same question, which she replied FAMILY. The sharing of love in our family is the most important thing in her life. I chose the word AWARENESS because I am constantly aware of the challenges in life but also the beauty in nature that is always available for those who take the time to see.

    In your narrative, you mentioned your fear of rejection and failure with your blogs and creative ideas. This, in my opinion, should be put to rest. You have achieved so many accolades in music with a following of 5,000 friends on FB, and musicians around the world cherish your direction, creativity, and humor.

    My question for you is if you were to choose a word for 2020, what word would define you? What have you learned from those of us who have participated in your Coronavirus Diary? How has this temporary change in lifestyle benefited you in a positive way?


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