I’ve always been a Type A kind of personality.

You know, the get-up-and-get-going-at-dawn type

So you can imagine that lockdown has been a particular challenge for me, and for everyone else who feels the need to be doing, going, making and moving all the time.

And now, given my unexpected lack of schedule – no deadlines! no external motivation! – I find myself somehow busier than ever, creating projects, following every idea I have, spending hours learning new skills, poring over every other artist’s social media feed and wondering if I’m doing enough.

When I was on the road for 70% of the year I felt constantly harried; it seemed that I barely had time to do anything but to get through the concert/flight/meeting/study session in front of me. Life felt like constant triage.

And the last week or two, I’ve started feeling the same, mid-quarantine.

I always tell myself that I can’t do everything (no-one can! I tell myself), but I suspect that deep down, I feel like I can. Or that I should be able to. And that’s not possible, of course.

I’ve been reading a lot about lessons learned when life suddenly needs to slow down, and it doesn’t seem to reflect my reality, and maybe that should be a reminder to me. Because that constantly harried feeling was…awful. And I don’t need to be making myself feel awful.

It’s Saturday and I’m tired, because I’ve been trying to do everything all week. It’s time to take a break.

Do you create activity for yourself constantly? Or are you able to find ways to slow down?

My task: take a step back. Don’t work on a project tonight. Turn off the computer. Have a glass of wine and curl up on the couch. I’ll report back tomorrow (not done!)

2 thoughts on “Everything

  1. Hi Maestra Sarah,
    To answer your questions, I would say that I always try to balance activities and find ways to slow down. If I don’t my body will remind it to me throughout signs & symptoms (tiredness, headache, …).
    Activities may vary from one person to another one but we need them to stimulate our brain and body. I like to do easy hiking, woodcraft, astronomy group on Fb,…)
    Slowing down also means to disconnect for a while from our job or our main projects. For me I like to do induced meditation (throughout landscape photography, sunrise, sunset,…), read books (science, spirituality,…). I like Mathieu Ricard. He is French and has a scientific background family including himself. He is now a Monk and a ppersonal friend of the Dali-Lama. He wrote excellent books about life, meditation, … I’m not trying to push his stuff but he is underrated according to me. He is less known in the states. He speaks French


  2. I pressed on send too quickly. … ‘He speaks French’… and is on Youtube and other platforms. He is giving an interview to Radio-Canada (it is the French CBC but is broadcasting at the international throughout icipremiere.ca) this morning May 18 AM. He is in Paris right now). I also like to follow Michio Kaku who is a genial American theoretical physicist. We all have artists, authors,…we like to get some inspiration from (including our beloved Maestra, I mean it. I won’t start to play the sucker.).
    Take some break Sarah. Enjoy life with your family, drink a good wine and live fully the ‘Carpe Diem’.
    xo (it means for French ‘with tenderness’ and also means the luck will be with you).


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