Quiet Bowl

So this happened today.

It’s one of my favorite venues – I’ve performed there on a half-dozen different shows – it is magical and wonderful and a defining part of summer in SoCal. I know festivals are being shuttered this summer and this was just an eventuality, but somehow when it’s a venue you know so well, it’s particularly devastating. Sorry, I don’t have much else to say today.

Except that after I uploaded this image I realized that the photo was taken at a July 4th concert in 2012. Which means the tiny little person on the podium…is me.

Have your summer plans been completely upended?

My task: go through some brainstorming lists today. I’ve been attending an online seminar about musicians and online businesses. I’ve moved my website over to a different platform and completely redesigned it. I’m setting up my new interface for my Neumann microphone. Your girl is in survival mode, my friends (done!)

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