I live a few blocks away from a cute shopping street with restaurants, coffee shops, and retail stores. On an afternoon 8 weeks ago, it would have been buzzing with people. Now most of the storefronts are shuttered. It’s a daily and tangible reminder of the times we find ourselves in.

It kind of depresses me, honestly, to see all of these establishments boarded over, and I’ve been avoiding walking down that street. But things have been a bit different these last few weeks.

Artwork has been appearing everywhere – unexpected, quirky, with a wry sense of humor. A coalition of artists has started to paint murals around the city and street artists have been creating these bright images everywhere.

Life without art is…well, not life, in my opinion. And these small gestures that bring art into our everyday lives are as important and sustaining as proper nutrition and exercise and sleep and all of that other good stuff. I’m tremendously grateful to these artists for continuing to react to and reflect the world through their works, and look forward to finding these small treasures daily.

Has artwork been appearing in your city?

My task today: carrying over from yesterday, I again wasn’t able to start this post before 6 pm. I will persevere! and try again tomorrow (not done …again!)

One thought on “Artlife

  1. “Has artwork been appearing in your city?”
    Yep. Art is the food for the mind. Art is in the DNA of all of us as humans beings Like you guys in SF, some artists here paint directly on the bricks or on plywoods. They are unique oeuvres d’Art.
    We also start receiving at work masks by a group called ‘mammies for help’. They do procedural masks for first respondent workers for free. They get the tissues free from business people. I chose my mask with a sketch of dogs on it. It’s neat and cool. What a great idea to proof that Art should be everywhere.


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