Every little thing

…is gonna be all right.

Twitter can be a strange universe of extreme opinion flying left and right, but there are also some gems, like this. Unexpected, charming, joyfully comforting. There are so many ways to express ourselves, to connect with each other, and each of us have our own unique gifts and perspectives. I hope this makes you smile as much as it did me.

What unexpected moment of joy have you encountered lately?

My task: to go on a bike ride with my husband. San Franciscans are a famously outdoorsy lot, and I knew everyone would be riding on this beautiful Saturday morning. A rare opportunity to share some time in the company of others as we zoom past each other on the bike paths (done!)

One thought on “Every little thing

  1. “What unexpected moment of joy have you encountered lately?”
    Seeing an elder who has lost her husband last year. Her daughter bought her a new puppy (a female Yorkshire). She proudly showed it to me. She called her Lulla. I took a picture with permission and put Lulla on my job’s cell phone for a month. She was the star. Her mommy (my patient) was pleased.
    n.b.: I enjoyed watching your nice video of Bob Marley’s adaptation. Neat. Thanks!


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