Different worlds

In our current isolation artists face the dual challenges of distance from their usual colleagues and lack of external stimulation that often inspires art. If art is a reaction to the world, we need to be encountering it; take it away and we have to reconfigure the way we work.

I’m fascinated by the way various artists have remained creative within the limits of a locked-down world. Photographer Julia Keil has taken it upon herself to create self-portraits that are inspired by paintings, films, or other photographs. As she explained, “Each day, I decided on a portrait – I’d immerse myself into that world.”

A series of these portraits can be seen in a BBC News article from yesterday; I highly recommend a look. Her photos are immersive and powerfully evoke different moods and atmospheres. It reminds me that we often become more creative within constraints, and that freedom lies within our imagination.

One of the paintings that inspire Keil

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