It’s hard to be a performer who’s no performing. For those of us who perform for a living, it very much becomes a part of us, a fundamental way in which we interact with the world, and find our place in it. Performing, sharing, connecting – this is an essential part of who we are.

Many of my colleagues in the music business are finding their own way to continue growing during this time of isolation. Everyone processes fear and grief and frustration in their own way, and my friends have found a multitude of approaches to continue to express their unique points of view.

My friend Elena Urioste and her husband Tom Poster have found a way to cope together, and to find peace with the world, by putting together incredible arrangements for violin and piano. Elena is a beautiful player and a beautiful soul, and it all comes through in her music-making, even if the source material at hand is “Baby Shark”. I hope to post more regularly about how musicians and artists are dealing with the current state of the world, and I could’t think of a better place to start.

One thought on “Processes

  1. Thank you Maestra. Interesting post. I also enjoyed watching the video. Talented artists.
    I also watched the video they made about ‘Cinema Paradiso’ on Youtube. It reminded me some sweet souvenir of that movie. Giuseppe Tornatore was the director of that movie. When Sergio Leone passed away Tornatore became for Ennio Morricone his new Leone. I’ve learned that on a radio show about Ennio Morricone 91 birthdays last March 14. That movie won the best oscar for foreign movie. Late French actor Philippe Noiret gave a memorable performance.


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