1. Control gained by enforcing obedience or order
  2. Orderly of prescribed conduct or pattern of behavios
  3. Self-control

Today, Queen Elizabeth II appealed to her nation for self-discipline and resolve today in a rare televised address. If you haven’t heard it, I strongly urge you to do so:

“Discipline” is not a popular word in the States. It denotes both punishment and constraint from personal freedom. And while I deeply admire the “can-do” spirit of the country of my citizenship, I’m often at odds with the notion that sacrificing more immediate pleasures for the sake of the future, or that basing personal action on a sober overview of the larger picture strips us of our freedom or dominion.

I like that “discipline” carries with it a whole host of both positive and negative connotations, that its definition depends on use and context. For me, its implication is nearly universally positive.

I believe in discipline. Because it helps me get things done. Because it gets me up in the morning. Because a sense of discipline and duty creates a purpose for the self, a powerful motivator. Because it has brought be back to my computer, day after day, to write a post, as I promised myself I would.

What does discipline mean to you?

My task today: go on a socially-distanced walk with my friend Lilly. I knew today would be rainy and we’d be unenthused, but that it would be good for both of our spirits (done!)

One thought on “Discipline

  1. “What does discipline mean to you?”
    Discipline means to me that if we all respect the WHO’s (World Health Organization) guidelines (confinement even if it is not always an easy task, keeping the 6 feet distance from each other, washing our hands with soap x at least 20 seconds, remaining calm, helping elders or the people in need at a level we can manage,…) we will see the light at the end of the tunnel (by getting rid of that virus).
    Also put a face on that virus whatsoever what comes to your mind. It will help you to visualize and fight even more that covid19. The power of the mind is always a helpful tool. By doing all of the above it will lead us to some glory days. It will then flourish on all of us.
    The next 2 coming weeks will be crucial to discipline ourselves because of the upcoming curve’s peak.
    Humanity will succeed. No doubt about it.
    Que Sa Majesté dorme en Paix (Shall Her Majesty sleep with the Peace of mind).
    007 would agree and would surely add that patience is a vertue.


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