Best medicine

This morning my husband and I decided to do a little bit of interior designing. Well, ok, it was really just moving a rug from one room to another, but it was an attempt to change up our environment.

Laying down a rug in a rather confined and already furnished space requires some major Tetris skills, and as we were delicately tilting around a large filing cabinet, by husband dropped a corned of it on his toe. *Insert resounding expletives here*. After he calmed down, we attempted to nudge it into place again, and a lifted corner came down squarely on my toe. I screeched.

And then we started laughing uncontrollably for several minutes.

Sometimes laughter is the only appropriate response in the face of adversity; anything else would simply make the situation even worse. And so, in that spirit, I give you this.

(Disclaimer: there’s explicit language. But we’re all adults here…)

What has made you laugh these last few weeks? Is it different from what you might have found hilarious before the pandemic?

My task today: limit myself to a single glass if I’m going to have wine. The last few nights I’ve had a couple of glasses (virtual happy hour with a bunch of friends on Friday and a movie night Saturday with the husband) and it has negatively impacted my sleep. I’ll write more about alcohol, stress, depression and sleep in the next few days (I’ll let you know if I hold to my one glass rule tomorrow!)

2 thoughts on “Best medicine

  1. Poor you guys. Put some ice if your toes need it.
    Funny video, though. I shall teach him the bad French Canadian swears. Lol! I’m just kidding. He might already know them (I’ve been told it is the first thing we do when we start to learn a new language).
    Yes we must laugh. It decreases our cortisol level in our bloodstream and releases dopamine and serotonin. It’s Dr Sonia Lupien neuroscientist who said that…Today. They say there is no coincidence. Having a good laugh has also an impact on decreasing our anxiety.
    What made me laugh? The video that a colleague of mine sent me about ‘Coronarian Rhapsody’ made me laugh even though it’s a bloody serious thing. I must admit that I didn’t laugh when I received it but after two listenings the song made me laugh.
    Finally, I would simply add that you have some very good wines in California. Have you tried the Pinot Noir? It is considered the wine who is the best for our health in regard of the polyphenol.
    Stay fafe both of you as well as your families. xo


  2. Wayne Zelenak says:

    OMG, I love that video on the COVID19 admonition. I shared it with a few friends. We need to followup with some laughter during these scary times. Sharing is the best way to make and keep friends.


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