I’ve been using that sign-off for more and more emails lately. Not in response to business-related stuff, of course, or to people I barely know. But for friends with whom, in the past, I would have logged off with “See you soon!” or “Sending good vibes” or even “Love”, I’ve taken to adding those extra letters.

It’s a small detail, but I wanted to address it because it wasn’t a conscious decision on my part, just something I started doing these last few days. In this time of isolation where actual contact has become nearly impossible, we’ve all been reaching out virtually to each other, being more honest with our emotions, to keep those connections, to toss each other life vests as we try to keep our heads above water.

A friend of mind FaceTimed me today, one I mostly see when I’m working in the city in which she lives, whom I adore but am rarely in touch directly. Our conversation touched on all the things you would imagine – the unprecedented state of the world, our loss of work and income, the things we were doing to care for our minds and bodies – and as we were wrapping up we both shared how the lives we were leading just a few weeks ago seem utterly surreal seen through the lens of the present.

Giving voice to that disconcerting feeling was a visceral reminder for me that while my friend and I had a shared history from a different time, we also shared a present that, though unnerving, was something that bound us together. To understand that the present is mutually experienced – that thought drew me not only into the exquisite acceptance of being in the moment but also made me realize that there was someone there with me, that we are not alone.

Sharing this present, no matter how frightened we are – it holds all the meaning, all the strength we need.

How do you find connection over distance?

My task for the day: vacuum, change the sheets, clean the bathroom. Simple chores around the house that give me a sense of normalcy and create a calm environment (done!)



3 thoughts on “XOXO

  1. How do you find connection over distance?
    Connection over distance is not always easy but when you don’t have the choice, you manage the best way you can. Luckily we now have the technology that help out even though it is always better to see our loved ones in person. I find connection over distance sometimes just by thinking about a person (friends, relatives). Their faces appear in my mind and I’m having a good thought for them. Sometimes I use the phone (my parents don’t use computers. They are 85 and 86. They are not from the generation of computers and cell phones). Otherwise I use cell phones or Skype. I never had the chance to use FaceTime because both users must have an Apple computer. Me, my wife and my son have a McBook pro (me) or Air (my wife & my son). My computer at the job (with the vpn Pulse Secure but migrating to GlobalProtect vpn pretty soon) is a pc Lenovo Thinkpad. In a close future, we’ll have hologram on our cell phone. It already exist but under prototypes. The engineers must find a way that the hologram will only be seen by the user so the persons around won’t see anything.
    Finally I say: Stay safe Maestra Sarah. XOXO (in French it means ‘avec tendresse’ -> ‘with tenderness’. I was told that it is a chevaleresque way since the Mousketeers under the ‘Roi Soleil’ Louis XIV of saying that I appreciate you, I love you on a spiritual level and I respect you. A friend of mine on Fb was a former pursuer with Air France/KLM. She came many times in Montréal. She’s Parisian and lives in Paris. I never saw her in person but we chat sometimes on Skype. She loves the French Canadian accent. Our accent is different from the French accent. We became friend over the years. When we write to each other we often sign XO or XOXO. I use XX with my sister which means a kiss on both cheeks).
    n.b.: I’m catching up Maestra. Sorry, with the job it is a bit crazy as you figure out. I don’t complain. I still work. I answer sometimes in my car with the government laptop. I’ll do my best to answer on a daily basis. You inspire me with that blog.


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